Natalie Ruby TestimonialNatalie RubyMember
“I surprise my self everyday, both in the gym and in life. I have Jolaine to thank, her training has helped me climb mountains, easier than ever before. I don’t shy away from challenges like I used to, I find myself even seeking them out. You might think Endeavour fitness is about strength and lifting weights, and it is, but it’s also soooooo much more…. I enjoy how every workout is different, the first part is warm up, it’s  cardio, and weights and flexibility, and then it’s go hard and give it everything you got! I leave with a sweat and a major sense of holy shit I can’t believe I just did that! I thought I’d be exhausted but I’m not, I leave full of energy and jazzed for the day ahead!”   The people are great! And every class feels like you have a personal trainer. Jolaine is amazing, and full of knowledge on how to stay safe and keep challenging yourself to do things you never thought you could! 
Jon HowlettMember
“My journey with Jolaine and her coaches has been incredible! Their dedication to life changing discipline and breaking through barriers with personal achievement astounded me. Jolaine’s unwavering belief in you, drove me to achieve things that I thought were no longer possible. Many thanks”
Kris NewmanMember
“Been going to endeavor fitness 10 yrs, Jolaine responsible for life changing (& saving) changes for me; diet, fitness, mental. Supportive & constantly upgrading coaching skills, she is impressively able to tailor training for all individuals, & great community at her gym! I am grateful for her & her coaches-  I give endeavor fitness the highest recommendation.”
Chris McIntoshMember
“Not only has Endeavor Fitness provided a fantastic place to test myself and push my physical limits, it has also allowed me to create relationships which have formed into friendships beyond the 4 walls of the gym. Thank you Jolaine for building such an amazing community and allowing me to be a part of it each and every day.”
Judy DicksonMember
“My Name is Judy Dickson.  I am 60 years young and feeling younger every day.   I started cross fit three years ago.  Throughout my 50’s, a lot of changes had occurred in my life.  Some of them were inevitable – like the empty nest – but most required a life style change on my part.  I had gained weight and arthritis was setting in.  I had my children late in life – so Grandkids might come later and I wasn’t on a great path to be able to enjoy that part of my life.  I was aging too quickly and I was lonely. I had driven by Endeavor Fitness a couple of times and decided to walk in and join.  I had no idea what Cross fit was.  It was recommended to me to come to an 8:00 class and only sign up for three days a week, as with my current fitness levels, she saidsome muscle stiffness would set it, which would require recovery time. So the next day – there I was at 8:00!  And I met Jolaine – the power house. I also met my current workout friends – both younger and older than myself.  Without any experience what so ever, Jolaine partnered me up with Fancy Nancy and I was walked through the warm up and then joined the rest of the class for the WOD (that’s workout of the day for those in the cross fit know how!!).  For the remainder of the summer I kept up the three days a week.  The learning curve was exciting.  I was doing stuff I never imagined doing!! Burpees!  Tire tossing!!  Jumping walls!! And yes stiffness became a part of my everyday life.  I don’t remember when the arthritis in my feet stopped hurting every morning – but I would trade muscle stiffness to joint pain any day.  There were days when that evil voice in my head asked “who are you kidding – you can’t do this” and then I showed up for the next class.   With increased fitness – I wanted to eat better.  Fueling my body and getting lots of sleep was making me happy and relaxed.    I lost weight but more importantly, my body shaped changed.  I was fitting clothes I had kept from back before I had kids (and I can still rock those 80’s shoulder pads!!).  My postured changed.  My winter skiing is less tasking on my knees. I have more energy.  Feeling younger again is awesome.    In the three years of Endeavor Fitness– I have not had any injuries.  The workouts have always been scaled to challenge me and make me stronger.  The people I met on that first 8:00 class are still my workout buddies – we laugh, we encourage, we support, and never – never have I been judged or felt diminished in any way. I like to come early to class – to do my own little warm up and work on “areas of opportunity” – as Jolaine would say.  I am a full time member and can work out 5 days in a row and have lots of energy to fill the rest of my day and weekends.   I encourage anyone – no matter their fitness level or age or coordination – to come join the fun.  You will not regret it.  Oh,you will be sore –and that feels so great!!   See you at the gym!!”
Lainey WilsonTrainer
“I originally joined Endeavor Fitness to get back into shape, but it turned out to be more than that. Endeavor Fitness and Jolaine helped develop and refine my mental and physical strength, helped me create friendships and community, and they continue to challenge me differently every single day. Endeavor Fitness is more than just a gym. I am thankful for what Endeavor Fitness has brought into my life.”
“I like to thank Jolaine for a positive and supportive environment. I have met so many wonderful people that encourage and uplift each other. I’ve become healthier in body & soul because of it. Thanks so much!!”
Alice KazakoffMember
“Someone complimented me the other day, noticing I’d lost weight and that I looked good.  It’s not all about vanity but the compliment felt great. I had given up on losing weight a few years ago.  I did however have concerns about my health and wanted to be around for and to keep up with my 4 grandchildren. I was overweight, pre-diabetic, high blood pressure and felt like garbage. I joined Endeavour Fitness November 2015 – that changed my world and corrected some of my concerns. I started nutritional coaching with Jolaine September 2019.   The combination of my diet supporting my work outs took things to a whole new level and it’s amazing! Since September I’m down 20 pounds and 5.5 inches off of my waist but most of all, I feel SO much better.  Anyone struggling with seeing and feeling results, I highly recommend Jolaine, Endeavour Fitness.”
Bailey YeatsMember
“It’s difficult for me to express how much my life has changed since I joined Endeavor Fitness in 2015; I’ve changed so much mentally and physically in the most positive ways! I have the confidence to try things that I couldn’t do even as a child, like climb a rope or do a handstand. The best part about Endeavor is the community that has been created. There are people that come from all areas of our community to gather in the gym where they work hard for themselves and also lift others up (sometimes literally!). Thank you Jolaine, not only for kicking my ass on the daily, but also for providing me a space to work hard at becoming the best version of myself.”
Kyra WarrenMember
“I originally started Endeavor Fitness with Jolaine at Endeavor Fitness to rehab a broken leg.  I only planned on going for a few months to get stronger so that I could go back to running.  What I didn’t realize was that Endeavor Fitness and Jolaine would not only improve the strength and mobility in my leg but in my mind and my whole body.  When I first started going to the gym there was lots of movements I thought I would never be able to perform but with consistency and encouragement I have become stronger physically and mentally than I ever thought possible.  I feel stronger and healthier now, in my 40’s that I did in my 20’s. Joining Endeavor Fitness, has helped me loose weight, adopt a more healthy lifestyle, surrounded me with like minded healthy, supportive people, grow muscles, gain a growth mindset, it has given me a safe stress release method and become like a second home.  There is so much more to Endeavor Fitness and coach Jolaine, than workouts and pushing yourself, it’s the full package that can help an individual make lasting lifestyle changes. I would recommend Endeavor Fitness and the whole coaching staff to anyone (I even convinced my daughter and mother to join)  Thanks Jolaine.”
Lindsay McPhersonMember
“I was sceptical of Endeavor Fitness before I started. I thought it was for the super hardcore, natural athletic types. I am neither. But it turns out, Endeavor Fitness is for everyone, even someone like me. Jolaine brings so much enthusiasm, encouragement  and knowledge to every class, that I wanted to come more often, and with it came noticeable results and gains. It also came with an amazing Endeavor Fitness family that keeps me motivated, accountable, and stocked with recovery beers. Jo helped me pre-hab and rehab through two knee surgeries for a pre-existing injury, and worked with my limitations throughout my recovery. Endeavor Fitness improved my overall strength and conditioning, that I’ve hit so many goals in the gym, and can now play harder and longer (and injury free!) outside.”
Terri LightfootTrainer
“I was a very active kid, played a wide variety of sports and loved being part of a team. After having my own kids, working full time and not doing anything for myself (lots of women seem to put their families first 😉) I was looking for something to be passionate about. I tried a few things then one day this little powerhouse of sunshine walked into my work place. I asked her do you think it would be for me? And she said oh honey its for everyone ☺️ And low and behold she’s right! Starting Endeavor Fitness is one of the best choices I have made in my life. 2 years after I started my 12 year old (at the time) started so she could have more body awareness with her swimming, it did not take her long to surpass me lol. The time her and I have spent together working out and challenging each other are moments that I will treasure forever 💜 2 years ago I got my Level 1 coaching and nothing brings me more happiness than seeing people do things they never thought they could or would do 😊 I love the community of Endeavor Fitness, these people aren’t just my friends I consider them family 💕.”
Taoya SchefferMember
“My husband and I have been going to Endeavour Fitness invermere for over 10 years now and cannot say enough good things about it.  Jolaine works very hard to help everyone improve their physical conditioning while constantly modifying exercises to suit individual abilities and limitations, being especially careful when people have specific injuries.  Her irrepressible cheerfulness and encouragement inspire us to do and be our very best.  Jolaine’s classes are super fun and addictive!”
Sarah AdamsonMember
“I was in a ski accident 8 years ago and injured my neck, back and leg pretty seriously. When I first started Crosffit I was worried about my lack of mobility, nervous about whether I could do some of the heavy lifting and keep up to the intensity that I heard Endeavor Fitness was all about. Jolaine  really helped me understand the strengths my body already  had, and the area of opportunities I could work on.  She works with you and your ability and can modify any of the workouts if you need it. Learning how to properly use my body with practice through each movement, and the stretches and mobility exceraises before and after the workout,  really helped me feel confident about what we were doing  and learning how to lift heavy. This was amazing because I have never felt this strong before and I am not worried about reinjuring myself. Six years later I still look forward  To going to the classes every week to see what else she has in store for us and to see our Endeavor Fitness family team!”
Dr. Ian WhiteMember
“Jolaine runs a very inclusive, supportive gym.  The combination of the fun social atmosphere and a full body work-out that is always varied, makes this the only indoor gym program that has kept my interest.   I can heartily recommend Jolaine’s programs to all, but they are especially valuable for those of us who are getting older and realize we need a little help to stay strong and active.  It really works!!”
Taylor LightfootMember
“I started Endeavor Fitness 5 years ago when I was 12 to cross train for swimming. I was scared, I really didn’t know what to expect. But I very quickly I fell in love with the sport and the people. Endeavour has given me the opportunity to show how strong I can be, how hard a can push myself, and that I can do things I never imagined. Not only do I get to watch myself grow and get stronger but I get to watch people I love do the same. The gym gave me more then just muscles it gave me another family.”